"We build it, install it, and stand behind it!"


About Brown's Welding:

When it comes to enhancing the look of your vehicle, Brown's has been satisfying truck enthusiasts for over 30 years. We specialize in full-sized trucks, but we love to customize other types of vehicles too! Call us to find out if we can customize your ride! 

All of our heavy-duty accessories are powder coated black according to your specifications. We apply a powder-coat finish, proven to last longer, giving maximum protection to your vehicle. 

The rest of your truck is strong. Why quit at the bumper? Keep the wildlife off your truck. Pull yourself out of a jam with equipment that you know will not fail And look good doing it. 

Brown's Heavy-Duty Bumpers compliment the soft, subtle lines of newer body style trucks, or the aggressive touch of the old (and now, bumpers for first generation trucks!). Careful attention has been given to the finer points of design that set your truck apart from the rest. Strength and utility are important, but not at the price of a bad looking rig.

Options that are normally extra are included in our base price. With high attention to detail, Brown's bumpers use first-class welding and finish work for outstanding fit and finish. Concurrent engineering between Manufacturing and Mechanical Design allows efficiency of production while maintaining ample strength using the thickest durable steel possible. These bumpers are built to last and provide years of service. The savings are passed along to you,making Brown's not only the best bumper on the market, but the best buy. 

At Brown's Welding we are proud to feature the following brands: 

We encourage you to contact us to get all of your questions answered, do your research and comparison shop. Stacked up against the competition, the choice for quality and price will be obvious: Brown's Welding sells nationwide for one reason; we are the best and most economical!